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The live-action Masters Of The Universe movie has a number of faults, the costumes not resembling the toys of the time being the big one for me. However, it’s a fun movie to watch. James Harrington offers up a defense.


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  1. Sean says:

    Thanks for linking this article and video clips. As a kid, I was aware of the Masters of the Universe movie, however, I never had the opportunity to see it. Do you have this movie on VHS tape or DVD? Also, do you own the comic book adaptation of this film? Based on the video clips, it does look like an interesting movie that I’d enjoy viewing. Dolph Lundgren really does look like He-Man, and Frank Langella portrays a compelling version of Skeletor. I don’t think the movie Evil-Lyn really looked like Evil-Lyn. In fact, based on how she looks in the cartoon and as a toy, I would say that Evil-Lyn is kind of Asian looking. As a result, I think that an actress of Asian descent should have portrayed her. Was that heavily bearded guy supposed to be Beast Man? If so, that’s not how I think how that character should have looked in the movie. Finally, who was that short troll like character? When I googled about the comic book adaptation, I did notice that he’s on the cover. From the brief snippets I saw of him, he actually looks like a pretty cool character. Perhaps, he was a stand in for Orko. In fact, I’m a little disappointed that Orko or Battle Cat don’t appear to be in the movie. Yes, I am one of the few Orko fans out there.


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