“You’re sure this will cure my headache?”

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 #10


Dreamwave (November, 2004)

“The Route Of All Evil”

WRITERS: James McDonough & Adam Patyk

PENCILER: Don Figueroa

INKER: Elaine To

COLORISTS: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo


Starscream is using Sky Lynx to train the Combaticons. They still fail, and then they’re attacked by Predaking. Starscream beats a retreat only to find Megatron and Shockwave waiting at the Nemesis. Soundwave shoots Starscream and as he lies there with a hole in his chest Megatron talks about the true origin of the Decepticons, created when he learned the Elders were being manipulated by the Quintessons. But how does Sunstorm fit into things and what other secrets is Shockwave hiding? Meanwhile, the Autobots prepare to build Autobot City, while Marissa Fairborn is read the riot act by her superior, who appears to be Buster Witwicky, with a serious hatred for all Transformers, including the Autobots.

What they got right: Nice nod to the original TV series by having the Combaticons born on a similar island to their birth in the show.

What they got wrong: Buster finally gets into this comic (not named besides his last name on his uniform, but there could be a reason for that) and he’s part of the “blame Autobots” brigade when it was General Halo that was responsible for Sparkplug’s death? I’m sure he’s learned about Halo and his little shadow organization by now since he runs the EDC, which I would assume means he has the right clearance level. And now Megatron had a noble goal of stopping the Quintessons, but through tyranny? I could see if it started that way, because “everyone’s the hero of their own story” and stuff, but suddenly out of nowhere the Quintessons were manipulating the Elders and Megatron is the conquering hero? It just doesn’t work by now since Megatron’s origin in this version was pretty well established. And I see signs of what IDW would do with their “Autobots were actually bad people” origin.

Other notes: Besides, from the way Megatron’s boxes have turned to black balloons to white lettering instead of the traditional white balloons with black lettering I would have thought he was messed around with by the Quints. Besides, didn’t Megatron get his clones in the third War Within miniseries FROM the Quintessons? But the comic, and Dreamwave, ended before we could see the Quintesson’s plans for Hot Rod, what they were planning with the female Autobot, whether the stupid love triangle they were developing with Hot Rod, Arcee, and Springer was going to go anywhere, and what plans they had for returning Optimus Prime, since this ended just before Prime Month was supposed to start.

Recommendation: It’s still a good run even if there are things about where they were going that brings up concerns, while other ideas actually sound pretty cool I still recommend it, at least from the second miniseries onward (avoid the first one, it’s crap) if you can find it.


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