“I knew I should have called the Property Brothers instead of the Property Bots.”

Atomic Robo FCBD 2008

Red 5 (2008)

This was probably part of a compilation like others I’ve actually picked up when released. I don’t know this for certain, though. What I do know is that comiXology only had three credits and going to (where the series is now available online) didn’t have a list either. So this is all I have.

“The Czar Bomb” (according to the Atomic Robo website)

WRITER: Brian Clevinger
ARTIST: Scott Wegener
COLORIST: Ronda Pattison

October, 1961: Atomic Robo is asked by the US Government to investigate a possible nuke cash by the Russians that could…DESTROY THE WORLD! Or our atmosphere, but same result…everyone dead and stuff. Robo finds a lone scientist who created an atomic bomb for Stalin before the Americans. But we dropped ours first and the scientist dealt with red tape. Now he wants to…DESTROY THE WORLD! but Robo manages to stop him and leave the scientist unknown to everyone, possibly as punishment for bringing him into a trap to ensure his destruction so the human race would be forgotten.

What they got right: This series knows how to do crazy right. The art is good, the story is fun, and Atomic Robo’s adventures are always odd but interesting.

What they got wrong: Making me hunt down credits so I can credit people who make this. Really, that’s all I’ve got.

Recommendation: You can read this and the rest of the series at the website linked to above. And you really should because it’s that darn good. And with The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja sadly over you need your crazy fix somewhere. I recommend Atomic Robo.

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