I didn’t watch this year’s Super Bowl and to be honest I haven’t watched this playlist either. I’ll watch them as soon as I write this. The Super Bowl ads used to be this real cool thing. I did some award postings in the past and if life hadn’t altered my plans I was going to do a crossover video with fellow Reviewers Unknown contributor at the time, Test Zero. The last two year the ads held no special attention when death and disease took center stage, but before then the ads were kind of slipping. The really big videos weren’t present. The fun stories and cute characters weren’t what they used to be.

So how did this year’s ads hold up? Well, thanks to YouTube’s collected Ad Blitz Playlist we can see for ourselves.

I miss the epic tales. There were a few good ones, like the Snickers “Live” and one where three soldiers got to virtually join their families for the Super Bowl (aired after the event of course, but they count it and so will I), but most of them were okay to decent. Then there’s the T-Mobile ads with the S&M bend that just made me go “what the heck was that?” and I could have done without it. So what were some of your favorites?

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