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Iron Man: The Legend

Marvel (September, 1996)

WRITER: Peter Sanderson

COVER ART: Ron Garney

numerous contributing artists

ORIGINAL ART: Jimmy Cheung, Tom Grindberg, Andy Lanning, & Harry Candelario

COLORIST: Joe Andreani

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Nancy Poletti & Matt Hicks

EDITOR: Mark Gruenwald

If you see this in the stores, this isn’t a comic book. It’s more like an illustrated book showcasing the life of Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man! And they packed quite a bit into a double-sized comic’s length book.

First you have a scrapbook history of Tony from childhood to Iron Man as well as important events in Iron Man’s history up to the present of this book. It’s followed by important (but not all) issues of Tales Of Suspense and Iron Man. Oddly only four are not from either series; only one issue of Avengers and it’s not even the first issue, two tie-ins to that time Kang turned him evil and he died (replaced by a teen version from an alternate timeline…don’t ask), and the Onslaught event that led into Heroes Reborn. Lucky for me I already dealt with that nightmare. There are no other Avengers stories, no other appearances in other comics, and no Force Works stories.

This is followed by a brief look of some of his more famous armors (although probably not even all of his armors by this point in Marvel’s history), some of the businesses he’s run (destroying a Tony Stark company and having him create a new one is a story that comes up more often than any anti-Donald Trump rant and it happens a bunch more times after this), a history of Stark’s staff (read supporting cast), various lists of foes (organized by best, worst, and a few other groupings, and one for his numerous love interests (which he has more of than destroyed businesses). Additionally there is a look at his various homes, other wearers of the Iron Man armor, alternate reality versions of Iron Man, and other material. This is getting long here.

The point is that it’s a very detailed look at Iron Man and Tony Stark up to this time period which some really good original and reprinted artwork, which is great for new readers. At the time. A lot of this has changed over the years. He’s had still more armors, still more love interests, the whole Secretary Of Defense and Director of SHIELD thing, a retcon of his history to say he was adopted (which was just change for the sake of change and offered nothing of value), and other events. This is very outdated so unless you’re a die-hard Iron fan this might not be worth the trouble of hunting down.

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