Right. I have this toy and it is NOT that easy to transform. Or keep together. Also, he’s not in this comic.

Transformers: Beast Wars – The Gathering #3

IDW Publishing (April, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Don Figueroa

COLORIST: Josh Burcham


EDITOR: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

Razorbeast, Optimus Minor, Bonecrusher, and Snarl use the fact that they’re displaced in time to sneak into the Ark (although Optimus Primal seems to at least sense their presence) to fix the signal booster. Meanwhile, Magmatron is forced to go ahead with the mission he was assigned, finding a blank protoform to put Ravage’s spark into and send him to find the Maximal base (not Optimus’ group, Razorbeast’s). Then he phases into normal time long enough to snag Megatron. As he prepares to send Megatron back to Cybertron via a transwarp teleportation, one of the Maximals answers Razorbeast’s gathering call. It’s Grimlock and he’s ready to fight.

What they got right: Snarl continues to be my favorite. His invisibility power is cool and I like his personality. He’s just fun to watch. I kind of want to see him do a buddy story with Rattrap. We also get some idea when this is taking place. Optimal Optimus, Rhinox, and Transmetal Cheetor are guarding the improvised door to the Ark, Megatron is still getting the Sentinel components from the Maximal ship loaded in to protect his own base, thus keeping the status quo in the TV show. We now have a sense were in continuity the time-displaced Maximals and Predacons are operating out of.

What they got wrong: In which case there shouldn’t be Transmetal 2 Transformers since that didn’t come until later on, and none of them would be Transmetal 2 anyway given the circumstances coming online. Ravage/Tripredicus Agent even gets the Transmetal 2 Cheetor body before Cheetor does. And of course Simon Furman is going to use Grimlock if he has the chance. It’s even a new form of the original Dinobot commander (Dinobot’s original toy is actually a redeco of this one if memory serves) so naturally Furman’s going to use him. Had Energon been able to continue Grimlock and Swoop (a combiner in that series for some reason, intended for the Transformers Universe line) would have shown up despite not being the G1 versions. Of course he’s going to use his version of G1 Grimlock, even if messes with continuity. But I’ve nerded enough on this one.

Other notes: I’m noticing none of them appear to be female, despite female Transformers being canon in the show. Then again, given Furman’s opinion of female Transformers we’re probably better off.

Recommendation: This is still a fascinating series, which makes me think it’s a Dreamwave leftover. Either way, I still recommend getting it…unless things fall apart by the end.

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