The Pirates of Dark Water

The Pirates of Dark Water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is for the benefit of two friends, one offline and one online. My friend Sean is a big fan of The Pirates Of Dark Water, a show I also enjoy. And another friend, fellow Reviewers Unknown member the Cartoon Hero, just reviewed it. I first saw it as Dark Water, a five-part miniseries for Fox Kids’ weekday lineup, but ABC picked up the full series, changing the name for some reason. I’ve got a copy of the Fox version around here someplace, but it’s not a good recording, and someday we’ll get to the few comics I have.

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  1. Sean says:

    This was perfect timing with this article and video link because tomorrow (Saturday) I will be doing my Pirates of Dark Water comic book reading marathon with the 6 issues that I have (need #5, 6, and 9). I liked this cartoon review on Pirates of Dark Water. It brought back warm memories as this was the last Hanna Barbera cartoon that I watched in the early 1990s. The animation in Pirates was quite awesome. Due to the fact that the 21 episodes only had 8 of the 13 treasures being found, I hope that eventually either an updated animation series and/or a new comic book series will have the saga continue with the quest for the other 5 treasures. As Cartoon Hero says, it could happen. Just look at the new Voltron series and the upcoming Ducktales. .


  2. Sean says:

    Plus, the story concept and character development in Pirates of Dark Water were very strong. A great saga indeed!


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