If you can't draw yourself riding Falcor why are you drawing at all?

If you can’t draw yourself riding Falcor why are you drawing at all?

Longtime readers know The NeverEnding Story is my all-time favorite movie. Seeing it on the big screen during a ConnectiCon was worth getting up in the middle of the night, going from my hotel (which was across the bridge) and over to Spotlight Theater in Hartford to see it was well worth losing sleep, and luckily didn’t affect my performance or driving home on Sunday. I went right back to bed the moment I returned to my hotel after the movie, happy to finally see it in a theater.

We know what became of Noah Hathaway and Alan Oppenheimer thanks to their panel and Hathaway’s press junket, but what about the other stars? I came across a video by YouTube channel Looper that has the answer.

If you want to see more Looper videos check out their YouTube channel. If you want to see The NeverEnding Story it’s out on home video so go do that. The sequel isn’t too bad, but avoid the third movie. It’s crap and understand nothing about the first two movies, I don’t care how big a Jack Black fan you are.

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  1. Sean says:

    That sounds like a nice memory of your viewing The Never Ending Story at ConnectiConn. I totally forgot that “Major Dad” was in that film! Also, Oppenheimer was one busy voice actor!


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