Nightwing from The New Batman Adventures. Art ...

Nightwing from The New Batman Adventures. Art by Bruce Timm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look, I haven’t been discussing the DCEU (why “expanded” instead of “cinematic” like Marvel, even though Marvel’s extends to TV and the internet?) movies because after Man Of Steel and all I’ve heard about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Wasted Time I just don’t care anymore, curious as I am to see the Wonder Woman and Justice League movies. The DCEU is every the MCU isn’t and that’s a bad thing because the MCU comes off more like DC Comics than DC did before the Rebirth, and the movies are still messing it up.

However, Warner Brothers still thinks they can salvage a train wreck without fixing the rails. They’re producing a Nightwing movie. How? They haven’t even had Robin yet in the movieverse. They’re also going with the director of The LEGO Batman Movie, which is an odd choice given the tone the DCEU is going with.

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