This is my problem with manga covers. I do anything with them because they’re just poster art.

Oh My Goddess! Part V #2

Dark Horse (October, 1997),

originally published by Kodansha, LTD, adapted into English by Studio Proteus

“The Lunchbox Of Love”

WRITER/ARTIST: Kosuke Fujishima

TRANSLATORS: Dana Lewis & Toren Smith


DESIGN: Amy Arendts

EDITOR: Dave Chipps

Sora goes to Belldandy to help her learn to cook, so she can make a lunchbox for a man she loves. Believing it to be Keiichi, Aoshima sees an opportunity to break Keiichi and Belldandy up so he can have her for himself. However, it’s Aoshima that Sora is interested in, although thanks to Urd’s interference, so is Tamiya after he eats from the box Urd put her love potion into. Silly love goddess.

What they got right: Sora actually gets Skuld to do something nice for a human. Nice job there. She’s an interesting girl and if Aoshima doesn’t want her, 1997 me will gladly take her. 2017 me however is too old and that would be creepy. Even 1997 me was a little too old since she’s in high school and I graduated in 1991.

What they got wrong: Tamiya is in this. Yeah, his eating the love potioned lunchbox is a bit of karma for Aoshima (who is a good antagonist unlike Tamiya and Otaki…as I’m supposed to hate him) but it still means putting up with Tamiya, and Aoshima gets Keiichi in trouble with Tamiya because they’re both different kinds of jerks.

Recommendation: I’m still surprised I like these stories as much as I do, but they’re totally worth checking out.

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