Everyone wanted to be a Liefeld Cylon in the 90s I guess.

Thundercats: Dogs Of War#1

WildStorm (August, 2003)

“Bone Of Contention” and please tell me these aren’t all going to be dog pun titles


PENCILER: Brett Booth




EDITOR: Alex Sinclair


15 years have passed since The Return. Wilykat has stayed in the badlands, letting the others believe he’s dead, penance for his actions. Meanwhile, Wilykit has become babysitter to two Thunderkitten boys named Wilycub and Wilycat (named for Wilykat of course). Snarf has gotten real old, while Lion-O has been aging to catch up with the time spent in the Book Of Omens, and has decided to step down as Lord of the Thundercats. Wilykat sees an invading army of canines from outer space calling themselves the War Dogs, whose leader, Doberlord, has decided to conquer Thundera. Between a guard who is smitten with Wilykit (I know the feeling pal, but at least your fictional too) and an overzealous attack by Tygra and Cheetara, he’s too late to warn them as the War Dogs begin their attack!

What they got right: At least they remembered the previous series, but I’ll get back to that. It is interesting to see what everyone is up to years later.

What they got wrong: But I thought Mumm-Ra wanted to turn Wilykat into his apprentice. He did nothing for fifteen years? And apparently all of the barbers died during Mumm-Ra’s occupation because Wilykit’s hair is as tall as Marge Simpsons (but more lively) while Lion-O looks like a Sasquatch, and for a race of felines that’s saying something. But what really gets me is the enemy. “Hey, we have a race of cat people. So let’s have them fight an army of dog people.” It’s a fanfic premise.

Recommendation: This is a curiosity because we see how the Thundercats are 15 years hence, but it’s not enough to recommend this comic and I recall not really enjoying the rest of this miniseries. Maybe I’ll be surprised, but I’m suggesting you avoid it for now.


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  1. Sean says:

    What does Snarf look like as an old cat? Is that supposed to be Lion-O on the cover? In terms of the enemy choices of dogs, the writers could have chosen instead to have mouse people or bird people be enemies to the Thundercats.

    Let me guess….Doberelord is a Doberman Pinscher! Is there a Puglord too? How about a Beaglelord or a Chihuahua Lord?


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