I was hoping we weren’t going to have another theme tournament. I don’t know my collection that well, as Clutter Reports readers can figure out after my recent organizing project. I have just too many. However, at least this theme is an easy one. If just one of the comics I review during this tournament has an onomatopoeia (or sound effect in written form) I’m good. And I’ve got a good one to start.

The X-Men don’t usually fight ordinary crooks like some of their superhero brethren. They usually fight other mutants. Nobody told the Angel that when he started his career, using his mutant powers to simply fight crime. Granted there was no X-Men at the time, but it’s still a rare sight to see. And we’re going to watch it now through the magic of recreation in a cartoony style.

FNF: Ka-Pow!! logo

Boom! round 1

Hey, if the fights need sound, why not the fight logo? I had this old one from a different tournament.

The Battlefield: Uncanny Origins #3 (Marvel Comics; November, 1996) “The Outsider”

I don’t know what issue this event was first depicted in but I’m betting this is a recreation. Which is better than a re-imagining.

The Promoters: Matt Idelson (writer), Dave Hoover (penciler), Bill Anderson (inker), Bob Sharen (colorist), and Jack Morelli (letterer)

Some crooks are trying to steal a device (later revealed to be a bomb), but the Avenging Angel (as he went by then) is there to stop him!

Later inspiring a young Drake Mallard.

Later inspiring a young Drake Mallard.

Why did he stop using a gas gun? Because the fumes turned him evil once I’d imagine. Just after this fight actually.


And that’s why he was called Butch The Bomb.

I think this is where fellow Friday Night Fighter Stars & Garters would break out Tom Petty’s “Learning To Fly”.

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click to vote in this week’s tournament

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