Even barber colleges won’t touch her. Let’s just say there was…an incident.

Oh My Goddess Part V #4

Dark Horse (December, 1997), originally published by Kodansha, English version by Studio Proteus

“You’re So Bad”

WRITER/ARTIST: Kosuke Fujishima

TRANSLATION: Dana Lewis & Toren Smith


DESIGN: Amy Arendts

EDITORS: Dave Chipps & Rachel Penn

After a trip to the beach in the previous issue, which I don’t own, Skuld finds herself attracted to Keiichi. Resolved to hate him (for the uninitiated, she hates Kei for in her mind taking away Belldandy from Heaven regardless of Bell’s desire) she decides to have him take her out for new tools to prove her hatred. Urd tries to break them up for Skuld’s sake but Belldandy keeps trying to protect them because she knows the truth…that Skuld is just emotional because her powers are finally awakening, as Skuld quickly demonstrates on Urd for her various pranks. With her mind clear again Skuld resolves that she still hates Keiichi forever.

If this morning’s review is a comic I can find little to praise this one I can find nothing to hate. Skuld isn’t bad, just immature as she’s young for a goddess and misses Belldandy. She’s actually likable at times and I keep hoping that she’ll eventually be happy for Belldandy and just visit or live there, since she’s developed a love for Earth technology, which Japan is of course full of. This is just a darn good story. Everyone has good motives here. Keiichi is nice to Skuld because he’s a nice guy. Urd is trying to do something good for both of her sisters by stopping a potential love triangle. Belldandy is trying to let Skuld figure things out for herself, but admits later that she wouldn’t want to fight for Keiichi with her own sister, which Kei knows will never be an issue. And Skuld is growing up. There is good humor, great artwork, and just wonderful character. And no motorcycle club or jealous rivals to ruin anything. It’s probably my favorite issue of the few I have of this series.

See, I can do more than sci-fi and superheroes. This is a comic that deserves praise and I’m not sure why I stopped getting it unless I was just more into the anime at the time. This is a series worth checking out and maybe once my collection is under control again I’ll look into tracking down issues or trades.

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