I wrote #3 as the last issue because I thought this was a new miniseries. Well, it isn’t. The story continues into #4. I’ve since updated that.


Better artwork than what’s in the comic.

NiGHTS Into Dreams #4

Archie Comics (August, 1998)

“The Mysterious Daze Of NiGHTS”

WRITER: Karl Bollers

PENCILERS: Patrick Spaziante (breakdowns) & Sam Maxwell (finishes)

INKER: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Ken Penders

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: Justin Gabrie

With NiGHTS in the real world as a real being instead of a dream being, nobody is there to stop Reala from tormenting Elliot and Claris in the dream world. This is affecting their sleep. Meanwhile, nobody is around to teach NiGHTS about the waking world and he’s unintentionally causing mischief, even when unknowingly stopping a terror group called R.E.M. (music joke here) from going after the owner of building holding the spire that connects to Nightopia, Mr. Weiss. Napp and Snuze crossover hoping to find NiGHTS, as do Elliot and Claris when they leave their respective rambling authority figures after seeing a vision of NiGHTS being chased by police officer Lucy O’Lawful. A cop nabs them for truancy (and has his own rambling to do, while the Reala-controlled Roger finds his way to NiGHTS.

Well, the pacing’s better but that’s all the praise I have for this. Adults are just awful here. Elliot’s coach and Claris’s principal, as well as the cop, drone on about how terrible it is that they’re sleeping in school or being out of school with angry rants that literally goes into “blah blah blah” territory. The artwork is really bad. Like, I might accept it in the dream world, but everything is so exaggerated and rubbery that just looks bad to look at. Considering Spaziante and Mercadoocasio are usually better than this (I don’t recall Maxwell’s work) it’s a shame to see art this weak. Bollers is also usually a better writer than this. And did you groan when you saw the name “Lucy O’Lawful” as the cop? I know I did. R.E.M. is obvious reference to REM Sleep, and while I think the comic ended before confirmation, but I’d wager the connection between Mr. Weiss and Wiseman is rather obvious.

Yeah, I see this headed to the purge. The first three issues suffered for compacting the game’s story into three issues, and this one suffers for not being up to the creative team’s usual good work. I don’t know what happened here but just avoid it.

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