One of the things I love about going to conventions are the costumes, and some costumes aren’t complete without the props, representations of tools and weapons used by the characters they’re portraying. You can buy them; I own a phaser from Star Trek, a Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who, and a Cell Shift Morpher (although I’m missing one of the cells) from Power Rangers RPM. However, for those who have the skills, and mine never rose above papercraft (I’ve created numerous wrestling belts and Space Ghost’s Power Bands), it may be cheaper and more creative to design your own.

There’s a show on Awe.Me’s YouTube channel, the same channel that brings you Man At Arms, called DIY Prop Shop. This one takes less metal forging and more foam & plastic work, but it’s interesting watching the various hosts bring your favorite gadgets to life, even if it isn’t as dramatic as watching your favorite swords be built. I’ve chosen some of my favorites for this sample, raging from tools to non-melee (and non-shooting for obvious reasons) weapons. While I can’t build any of this stuff you might find something you’d like to construct.

Since I’m me let’s start with the Sonic Screwdriver, with the original host of DIY Prop Shop before they went to revolving hosts for whatever reason.

That’s what’s interesting about this show. The hosts use cheap stuff but make good props. They’re things anyone who can use power tools and soldering irons can put together. I might be able to do the paint, but I’m a little clumsy when it comes to glue and stuff. I’m a mild crafter at best.

One I’d like to make is Batman’s utility belt. While it isn’t very useful for holding pants up you could carry a bunch of stuff with you and it looks cooler than a fanny pack…for geek events anyway. Still, for what I do at cons, I really need my camera or media bag.

Darn, I was hoping for the pouches that hold stuff, but it’s still pretty cool.

Here’s one for turning your phone into a Pip Boy from the Fallout games.

Here’s a link for the stickers, and for the app on Android and IOS. I don’t know what you do if you have a Windows phone. Frankly it appears to only be useful if you have the game, since it works with the game if you’re connected to the same WiFi network as your game console or computer, or want to play the mini-games since it’s not a gimmick interface.

The lightsaber, a weapon from a simpler time. What sets the lightsaber apart from other builds is that unless you’re playing a particular character the design of the lightsaber is up to the tastes of the particular Jedi…or Sith…who wields it. Hendo, host of spin-off show DIY Cosplay Shop, tries her hand at creating a lightsaber.

I think that’s a good range for now. If you want to see more check out their playlist for DIY Prop Shop and see other building and art videos on the Awe.Me channel proper.


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