Skylights are losing their popularity.

Marvel Adventures #2

Marvel Comics (May, 1997)

“The Name Of The Game”

WRITER: Ralph Macchio

PENCILER: Ben Herrera

INKER: Armando Durruthy

COLORIST: Kevin Tinsley


LETTERER: J. Babcock

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

Eddie moves to get vengeance on Jameson but a mysterious man shows up and sucks away his Venom symbiote. With no other way to get his revenge, Eddie tracks down the Scorpion, who also hates both Jameson and Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Peter has a falling out with JJ and quits, taking his photos to a competitor. As at a press event honoring Jameson, Scorpion attacks and Brock tries to use the opportunity to regain his reporter cred by outing him as Mac Gargan. Not only does that fail but Spider-Man defeats Scorpion. Of course Jameson takes the opportunity to claim Spider-Man is not only in cahoots with Gargan but created the Scorpion (interesting since Jameson is the one responsible years ago). Because the photos make Jameson look good, the competitor fires Peter, which means he has to crawl back to JJ for a job, and Brock is now worse off than he was.

What they got right: Peter finally quit the Bugle, which he should have done years ago. Too bad that didn’t stick. The fight, bad 90s art aside, was pretty good.

What they got wrong: Besides the aforementioned bad 90s art, at no point in the comic is Jameson’s creation of the Scorpion even mentioned. Perhaps that should have been the recapped origin instead of Venom’s. Also, what continuity is this? MJ knows Peter is Spider-Man, like in the comics, and they appear to be married (not just living together, Quesada!), but the origin is closer to the 90s Fox show.

Recommendation: The collecting villains subplot better go somewhere interesting because mediocre stories are all we’ve gotten the past two issues of this series. I can’t really recommend getting it.

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