My nightmare is this cover.

NiGHTS Into Dreams #5

Archie Comics (September, 1998)

“Reala’s Wrath”

WRITER: Karl Bollers

BREAKDOWNS: Patrick Spaziante

FINISHES: Sam Maxwell

INKER: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Frank Gagliardo

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: Justin Gabrie

Elliot and Claris seem to be more connected, finishing each other’s sentences and having a shared vision of NiGHTS in Roger’s basement. This is just ticks off the detective who is complaining that they skipped school. The leader of REM (Ruthlessly Extreme Measures) breaks her men out of jail but not before they tell LT. O’Lawful that they suspect the spire is dangerous. The REM leader later shows her men her new “dream bomb” while O’Lawful learns Weiss is planning to build more spires around Twin Seeds. Escaping in the confusion and aided by Napp and Snuze, the Dreamer break into Roger’s house to rescue NiGHTS and finds him dying, because dream beings can’t exist in the real world. Meanwhile, Reala continues to wreak havoc on Nightopia.

There’s so much wrong here I find it hard to find anything good to say about it. Maybe seeing Elliot and Claris’s bond with NiGHTS extends to each other. Maybe. The art is still terrible, the names are groanworthy (Lucy O’Lawful, Roger Wilkeau) and they’re pushing the Weiss name so hard (Lucy calls him Weiss-guy at one point) that they’re either making it too obvious that Weiss either is or is connected to Wiseman or preparing the biggest swerve either, and either way it’s stupid.

Folks, if you enjoy playing the game stick with it. This adaptation has one issue left and it’s just not worth getting.


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