“John Francis Ultron, you clean up your corpses or no supper tonight!”

Age Of Ultron #1

Marvel Comics (May, 2013–and here I though it was to coincide with the movie but the movie came later)

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILER: Bryan Hitch

INKER: Paul Neary

COLORIST: Paul Mounts

LETTERER: Cory Petit

ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jake Thomas, & John Denning

EDITORS: Tom Brevoort & Lauren Sankovitch

Okay, from what I can tell this is set in a world where Ultron has successfully taken over the world. The remaining heroes hide in the crashed ruins of a SHIELD Helicarrier and Hawkeye had to rescue Spider-Man from a bunch of thugs looking to use him to barter with the Ultrons to be allowed to live and sell their drugs. Meanwhile, Captain America lies broken in a corner. All those lovely things I don’t want to see in a superhero comic.

That’s my first problem here. I don’t want to see our heroes in this state. Tony uses a scanner that shows whether or not you’re infected. They apparently told Hawkeye that if he went after Spider-Man he shouldn’t come back, and somehow Peter was captured by these bad guys. There’s a lot that isn’t explained here. All we get as an intro is that Ultron hates the Avengers and that he’s back. First actual comic scene: post-apocalypse and poor Apocalypse can’t take any credit for it. This is the kind of thing I avoided Future’s End for over at DC and this has less cyborged superheroes attacking innocent people, although maybe that’s what Tony’s scanning for?

The art is well done, but the story is confusing. This was released in 2013, two years before the similarly named movie I still have yet to see. I missed any news on this event or I don’t remember it. So I don’t know if this is supposed to be an alternate reality (kind of like a What If story) or if it’s a future to be disrupted like the aforementioned Future’s End. Still, seeing superheroes (Hawkeye) killing people or heroes being nasty to each other while Captain Frickin’ America is…doing whatever he’s doing in the corner instead of helping, which I hope was explained at some point, isn’t what I read superhero comics for.

The big problem with trying to review it is I don’t really know what’s going on so I can’t give a proper recommendation. Just because I may not like it or want to read it, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad but there’s nothing here to determine if it is bad or not. It doesn’t explain anything; it just wants to show superheroes at a low point and damaged and I’m just not here to see that. It’s not a good review I’m afraid but writing for a trade usually means some issue isn’t going to work out. Maybe they should have considered making this just a straight-up graphic novel and I don’t remember how this got into my comiXology library. It could have been one of the free samples though. If the premise sounds good maybe you’ll like it depending on what happens in the later issues. If not, like me, you’ll have no reason to continue on and check this miniseries out.


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