Superman just wanted to enjoy a baseball game, but thanks to Lobo aliens are challenging him to a three-stage one-on-one fight. (Don’t worry, karma gave the “Main” Man a kick in the face.) Since he has no choice it’s fight time!

“Boom!” round 3

The Battlefield: Superman Adventures #13 (DC Comics; November, 1997) “Grand Slam”

The Promoters: Scott McCloud (on the mound), Rick Burchett (behind the plate), Terry Austin (running the bases), Tom Ziuko (color commentary), and Lois Buhalis (working the scoreboard)

Superman lost the first fight because our visiting team didn’t tell him how they work. In other words they don’t play fair. Superman won the second fight…

“Care to go for a spin?”

…but the rules of this tournament says you need a sound effect to go with the win, so let’s move to round three, and I don’t even need to commentate. The comic does it for me. I will still have snarky caption boxes though.

“Graaa yourself!”

“Lucky Ali didn’t use these. Then again maybe HE could tell me how they work”

Jumped a page. You missed the “Weird Al’s UHF” reference.

“Just not my farm. My parents still own it.”

This is the part where I usually bring up that not being personal doesn’t change not wanting to be beaten up, but this was a boxing match.

I’m not sure why he needed to take the gloves off but apparently it wasn’t against the rules.

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