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“YOU broke it!” “No, you did!”

NiGHTS Into Dreams #6


Archie Comics (October, 1998)

“Shattered Dreams”

WRITER: Karl Bollers

BREAKDOWNS: Patric Spaziante

FINISHES: Sam Maxwell

INKER: Harvey Mercadoocasio

COLORIST: Frank Gagliardo

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: Justin Gabrie

With Roger asleep, Claris, Elliot, and the Nightopians get NiGHTS out of Roger’s basement and headed towards the spire. However, REM sneaks into the building as glass replacers, while our heroes find the real glassmen. They kidnap Weiss, and when Lucy finds the scattered worker clothes and broken glass she calls in the troops…with the kind of facial expression that would make Large Marge from PeeWee’s Big Adventure jealous. I mean, what the hell was the artist responsible going for with that? The artwork has been sub-par in this story arc but that was just crap! I’m sparing you because in reviewing a comic about fighting nightmares it would be wrong for me to give you any.

REM succeeds in blowing up the spire (which seems fine with Weiss…who has a shadow resembling Wiseman because they weren’t even trying by this point), which allows Reala to enter the waking world and battle NiGHTS. Even recharged by the Perfect Dreamers, Reala seems to get the upper hand on our hero. In a fight that looks more like a cartoon than a dream as NiGHTS uses the exclamation point he creates out of surprise to attack Reala, who responses with the stars representing his getting hit. Did they even realize what story they were telling at this point? You’re using cartoon logic instead of dream logic here! The others convince Roger that he doesn’t have to work for Reala anymore or be a bully and he cuts off the Nightmaren’s dream energy, destroying him while NiGHTS gets into the portal and “recharges”. Now it looks like the kids are going to be friends and NiGHTS is there to protect the portal from whatever Wiseman has planned next.

What that is we thankfully don’t have to worry about. This whole series was just not very good. The first arc is an over-compressed adaptation of the video game while the original tale is just poorly thought out and uses horrible art from usually good artists. Just avoid the whole series and watch a playthrough of the game instead. There’s plenty on YouTube and it should be more interesting than this limited comic series.

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