I try to use the best fights possible during the week for my Friday Night Fight entry while running around the theme. I think blowing up Unicron counts as the best, theme or no theme, and it fits the theme as well. So let’s make Orson Wells explode!

That’s all the introduction I’ve got. Do I need more? Only to fill open space.

“Boom” round 4

The Battlefield: Transformers: The Animated Movie #4 (IDW Publishing; January, 2007) “Matrix Quest”

The Promoters: Bob Budiansky (writer), Don Figueroa (artist), Josh Burcham and too many assistants (coloring), and Neil Uyetake (letterer)

We drop is as Hot Rod is battling Galvatron.

“That is not a position I’m comfortable with.”

Hot Rod then gets his hands on the Matrix Of Leadership and has a completely different kind of transformation than the one he’s used to.

Yeah, you’re all singing The Touch right about now.

With his new form and a temporary power boost, Rodimus Prime gives Galvatron his eviction papers.

“What road? We’re inside a giant robot in the middle of outer space!”

That does end with a sound effect and we could stop there, but I promised a blowed-up planet.”

What some days are like for a Crohn’s sufferer.

And I usually deliver on my promises.

“I wonder if Galactus has days like this?”

If that doesn’t get at least one vote I am totally out of touch with the internet.

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