English: A bottle of cough medicine "Coci...

English: A bottle of cough medicine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least it won’t be as long as last year’s.

I still don’t have a comic ready. In addition to the tiredness I mentioned last week I’m also coughing and hacking stuff up (that’s the grossest this is going to get) and I haven’t been able to focus on “work”. This week’s Clutter Report, a review of Robots In Disguise (the first version) Ultra Magnus, was really late today. So while I plan to call the doctor tomorrow (and hopefully get up before lunch, which I almost didn’t today) I want to take a few days, hopefully not the whole week, to sleep off the sleepiness or find something to wake me up. (No, energy shots is not a solution. Plus the one time I tried that I got gas.) Whatever day I do start (it probably won’t be until at least Wednesday but hopefully Friday at the latest) we’ll finish Thundercats: Dogs Of War, since I’ve left you hanging on miniseries and storylines enough last year.

I don’t like taking a break but if I’m going to review stuff it helps to be wide awake. I may use what little awake time I have to adjust the Patreon rewards or work on the video (I have to record something so this cough has to go first) so hopefully that will be done. But if I’m not awake I can’t give a fair review of whatever media I’m discussing. I also need to come up with a new article logo because that’s just how I am and of course Jake & Leon. I’ll be back as soon as I can folks. My apologies but I want to be at my best when doing this site, or at least good enough.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you now have the bad cold that I had two weeks ago. Definitely get plenty of rest. When I had that cold, I couldn’t even read newspapers, books, comics, or your website. I was in bad shape. So take all the time you need…rest, sleep, medicine. Also, I recommend that you drink hot tea with honey poured into it. That was such a big help.


    • I prefer lemon juice over honey. Hopefully I can get an appointment with the doctor soon and he comes up with a remedy that will get me back to work.


      • Sean says:

        Whatever works best for you, be sure to take it. Hope you’re on the path to feeling better. I won’t be commenting on your site for the next few days. My last living uncle on my father’s side (my father’s sister’s husband) passed away on Tuesday. He’s the one whose granddaughter passed away tragically in November. The funeral is on Saturday. In fact, I’m driving my parents to it, weather permitting of course (it’s New England and there’s actually going to be snow/freezing rain/sleet on Friday night/early Saturday morning, yes in April!…hoping the roads are good by the time I’d have to hit the roads at 8:30 AM…if the roads aren’t in the best of shape, then we’ll have to miss it).

        Needless to say, I won’t be posting for a few days, and probably won’t get to watch that Canadian movie you posted during this weekend as I had planned. It’s been a rough few days thinking about how a cousin’s daughter, a cousin, and now an uncle have all passed away over the past 4 months.

        Hopefully, each day is getting better for you health wise, Shadow.


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