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The Canadian low-low-low-budget thriller The Final Sacrifice is about a wimpy kid ruining the name of Troy who comes across a drunk who used to be part of the cult that’s chasing him. And I swear our hero, Zap Rowsdower, looks a lot like a guy who used to come into the grocery store I worked for but it’s not him. At least I don’t think so. I’m not sure what the actor is doing these days. The riffing of this movie is one of the favorites among Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans so tonight I bring it to those of you who really should be checking out this series. Enjoy, won’t you?

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  1. Sean says:

    I will watch this because I read the summary on wikipeda, and it sounds interesting to see. Plus, it’s a Canadian film, and as a person of Canadian roots, I do have a strong interest in all things Canadian. That character Zap Radowser looks like a drunk guy who ended up sitting next to me at a diner/restaurant in the town 10 miles north of our hometown (this happened back in 2014). The drunk guy wouldn’t stop talking, and he did say that he used to work at the lumber yard in our home town, and that he knows Greg, the former owner of the grocery store you and I both worked at. So maybe you are thinking of the same customer? All I know is that when he sat next to me, he was so drunk, and he kept talking about how he could make the young waitress there into a super model and make millions of dollars off her. He was a real creeper!

    Anyhow, I should have watched The Final Sacrifice last night instead of that horribly made stalker movie on Lifetime Channel (although there was a lot to laugh about in that particular movie with its horrible acting and cliches). At least I can watch Final Sacrifice in bits and pieces during the week.


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