Oh my god, they killed Giant Hellboy!

Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge #1

WildStorm (December, 2003)

WRITER: Fiona Avery

ARTIST: Carlos D’Anda

no credits for colorist or letterer, and what credits I have had to come from the Grand Comics Database because there’s no credits page. How do you screw that up?


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

Unlike the previous WildStorm comics this story is set on Third Earth in the days of the first season. Because these writers seem to hate the second trio of Thundercats. On the plus side, no Snarfer. Snarfer is more annoying than what you Snarf haters say Snarf is, and I’ll be coming back to that one later.

Angry that his father took two of their Pirate Kingdom islands for his empire, the Berserkers kidnap Hachiman for ransom. The king of the Samurai Empire sends word via the Warrior Women to the Thundercats for help, while attempting a rescue of his own. The rescue fails, but the Berserkers’s ship is damaged. As they press on Lion-O is suddenly pulled from the Thundertank by a Griffin, who takes Lion-O to his leaders, which demand to know why the Thundercats are on Third Earth!

What they got right: I do like the idea of a story set on Third Earth in the old days. There’s still more of the planet that could be investigated and frankly New Thundera stopped making sense to me when they introduced the gyroscope that keeps the planet together. Having the pirates versus samurai angle is also a neat idea.

What they got wrong: However, it doesn’t fly with the lore. I double-checked with a Thundercats wiki and Hachiman was brought to Third Earth by Mumm-Ra as part of one of his plans to destroy the Thundercats with a superior fighter to Lion-O, or a blade whose magic was a match for the Sword Of Omens. There shouldn’t be a “Samurai Empire” on Third Earth. And the show could never decide if Hammerhand was dead or not, so I don’t expect this comic to. And then…there’s Snarf. Avery writes Snarf how the Snarf haters think of Snarf +5. He’s whiny and cowardly and rambles like an idiot. Snarf on the show was not like that! Yes, he was cautious and in the early days very if not over protective of Lion-O, and could complain about being ignored while being protective of the future Lord, who was like 8 at that point, but that was his job as Lion-O’s nursemaid before Lion-O physically (but not mentally since he never underwent those life experience that allow us to mature) and stayed with it until AFTER the Trials! After that Snarf was still cautious and sometimes had to admonish Lion-O’s occasional childish antics, but he proved his bravery, his resourcefulness, including THE TIME HE SAVED ALL THE THUNDERCATS FROM MUMM-RA! Seriously, Avery, if you’re trying to prove to people who like Snarf that he’s bad you failed, at least with me. If you’re trying to make the Snarf-haters happy in their continued hatred of Snarf, you win. Or you could have written Snarf better than you think he was on the show…and accidentally ended up closer to how he was later in the first season but hating’s more fun, right kids?

Recommendation: A good start but there has to be a reason I gave up on the WildStorm run. I like some of the ideas at least but we’ll see how this goes.


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  1. Sean says:

    Other than the writer’s treatment of Snarf, this does sound like a comic series I’m interested in just as I have already figured. Having Hachiman and the Berzerkers in this comic is a plus for me. Additionally, I like the fact that this story is set on Third Earth. A comic with Samurai and Vikings is pretty cool. The warrior women being part of this issue is another selling point. You’re quite right in that Third Earth has a diverse amount of characters, peoples, and geographic locations that should be explored further in Thundercats comics. True, there’s the inaccuracy about Hachiman’s origins here, but that doesn’t deter me. I look forward to the upcoming reviews on Hammerhand’s Revenge. So far, it sounds like a set of back issues I would be interested in obtaining.


  2. Sean says:

    I have now read Issue #1 of Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge, and here are some of my thoughts and impressions (I shall be doing the same for the other issues in this series). The lack of a credits page is odd. At first, I thought the comic was missing a page, but it wasn’t. Even though the Hachiman origin is different in this comic, I do like the idea of a Samurai Empire on Third Earth. The meeting together of Samurai vs. Vikings (Berzerkers) is a pretty awesome concept and played out nicely in the artwork. In fact, I was very impressed with the artwork. Dare I say, that this artwork in Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge is better than the artwork of Star Comics’ Thundercats series from the 1980s. I’m not trying to be disrespectful here, but the picture of the Warrior Maiden at the top of the page 7 artwork (I’m counting page 7 as the 7th one that has no ads) was breath taking. Exquisite beauty indeed! (Hint: Sir Mix A Lot’s 1990s song “Baby Got Back”). The story kept my attention, and I like the addition of the Griffins to this mashup of characters from various Earth cultures.


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