My colleague over at Reviewers Unknown, the Blockbuster Chick, and I both enjoy the two versions of Thundercats, but we still disagree on one key thing. Now, I haven’t consulted her on every difference we have but she has noted one particular detail about why the new version is her preference”

New Snarf

She prefers new Snarf over the original. She gives me the usual line about old Snarf being whiny or annoying or whatever, and for the early episodes that would be true. New Snarf is cute (agreed) and doesn’t talk so that makes her happy. Having already lost Cringer/Battlecat as a talking character, thus limiting his role in the show, losing Snarf too still bothers me even while I enjoy watching new Snarf’s antics.

That said, old Snarf DID evolve as a character and didn’t complain as much as he did in the earlier episodes where he had to keep Lion-O from falling over himself, being a 10-year-old in a late twenties (at least) body. As Lion-O matured, Snarf found new ways to help out…including the time HE RESCUED THE THUNDERCATS FROM MUMM-RA! And thanks to Star Comics’ adaptation of the episode I’m able to show you that story.

Friday Night Fights clean logo

“Wright” Round 6

I missed round 5 thanks to events going on, but things are looking up and I’m back in business.

The Battlefield: Thundercats #13 (Marvel Comics via the Star Comics imprint; July, 1987) “Snarf Takes Up The Challenge!

The Promoters: Peter Lawrence (teleplay), Tom DeFalco (adaptation), Jose Delbo (penciler), Marie Severin (inker)  Marie Severin (colorist), and Janice Chiang (letterer)

Using dirty tricks the Mutants were finally able to capture the Thundercats and bring them to Mumm-Ra’s pyramid. Snarf, who in the comic version was out helping an animal make a nest (one of a few minor changes between the episode and the adaptation), learns of his friends’ fate and gathers his courage to break into the pyramid…but not without a little help.

FNF Wright 06a

I bet Doctor Doolittle could battle evil, too.

With a little help from his animal friends, Snarf makes his move.

FNF Wright 06b

“I could use a map.”

Snarf finds the Thundercats mummified alive and the Sword hanging near the sarcophagus. But with that strong Third Earth spider webbing around his box, Mumm-Ra is going to be held up (dodged that pun).

FNF Wright 06c

“Also, you’re paying for a new sarcophagus!”

And now everybody calls on their powers.

FNF Wright 06d

I just want to point the Chick to that top panel. 🙂

And just to get an official-looking fight into this…

FNF Wright 06e

Maybe if Mumm-Ra considered plastic surgery?

Where usually the “sidekick saves the day” stories usually return to the status quo this was an actual turning point for Snarf. Snarf learned the land, made friends, and used his ability to talk to animals to help. He gained confidence and became a proper part of the team. I’ve not nothing against new Snarf, but I would ask you to give old Snark a second chance.

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Now I have to hope Blockbuster Chick doesn’t think I was picking on her…..she’s quite cool.


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