The player-controlled laser cannon shoots the ...

The player-controlled laser cannon shoots the aliens as they descend to the bottom of the screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The year was 1978. A President was in the White House. Some baseball team that people liked won the World Series. And songs were playing on the radio.

What do you expect? I was 5, and I can’t tell the passage of time. However, the folks at Retroware remember 1978, or just researched a lot. The topics of Space Invaders, the Astrocade and Odyssey 2, and APF Mp1000 game consoles, the introduction of the trackball, Atari Football, Super Breakout and Breakout clones, the Simon (which did inspire a number of mini-games in video games), and Warner’s acquisition of Atari.

Note that there is some swearing in this one.

Check out more from the contributors at Retroware’s website.


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  1. Sean says:

    During the 70s, I didn’t even know about video games. I didn’t really become aware of their existence until the early 80s. It is interesting to see the history of early video game systems and cartridges. I didn’t realize that Space Invaders was so popular in 1978. It sounds like it was such a craze then. The ads for Simon and Merlin are something I remember, but I never had those. On the other hand, Hungry Hungry Hippos was a game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the 1980s. I didn’t get an Atari 2600 until Christmas 1983. That’s the only video game system I ever owned.

    It sounds like the Micronauts toys were popular in the late 70s, however, I never heard of them when I was a kid. The comics by Marvel were popular too, and IDW is still publishing Micronauts comic books. Somehow that whole creative property escaped my childhood attention. Were you aware of the Micronauts when you were a kid?


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