Aquaman along with the other prominent charact...

From the first season of Super Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While looking over some other articles on Mark Evanier website after yesterday’s look into mascot characters, I came across this article about how DC re-edited, drastically, Alex Toth‘s cover of a collection of Super Friends comics that tied into the show. Toth was one of Hanna-Barbera’s best designers and did work at DC. He also did the character designs for Super Friends. Granted, they didn’t have photo editing programs at the time but this just seemed like a lot of unnecessary work to replace something good for no reason. Toth’s art was just fine as is and part of the reason I’m posting this is that Toth doesn’t get enough recognition for his work in comics and TV.


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  1. Sean says:

    Oh, this is the Mark Evanier who worked on the Groo the Wanderer comics. The few issues I had (actually bought them at the local pharmacy/milk shake spot in our town…a rarity in the 80s) were pretty cool. Just read his bio on his blog. I didn’t realize how much he was involved in comics, animation, and television. Evanier has truly contributed much to the creative world. I thank him for his creativity that influenced my childhood.


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