The school field trip took a surprising turn.

Transformers: Infiltration #3

IDW Publishing (March, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman


COLORIST: John Rauch



EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

Ratchet gets a mouthful from Prowl about involving Hunter, Verity, and Jimmy, but Ratchet defends his actions based on the Decepticons activities. Prowl isn’t ready to call in the big guns just yet (although Ironhide does by sending a call to Optimus Prime). But when going over the photos they see not only the current Decepticon base in siege mode but footage of an abandoned base elsewhere. The humans convince Ratchet to check it out for clues as to why the Decepticons have sped up their timetable, and Bumblebee joins them. They better hurry, though, because the Decepticons have been clearing all traces by blowing up the dead guy’s trailer and the bus he was traveling in, and now they’re headed for the abandoned base!

What they got right: In this version the Decepticons live up to their name, preferring to destabilize the planet’s political events rather than Megatron’s usual “slag them all and let Primus sort them out” method of conquest. Quite possibly using a giant Griffin transport. I kind of like that even if it feels a bit off for them to me personally. It shows an attempt to try something new without the major alterations later writers would do to the formula. (I mean, last I heard Megatron had reformed and took over the search for the Knights Of Cybertron, while Starscream was the leader of Cybertron. Which should work out about as well as President Lex Luthor but that’s another topic.) The humans continue to have some good personality, and Bumblebee is finally added to the party! YAY!

What they got wrong: I’m used to Furman writing Prowl as a jerk but that doesn’t mean I like it. At least Prowl has a point. Also, Sunstreaker is an angry jerk with a dislike for humans as well, which made sense considering events in the Dreamwave timeline but doesn’t feel right here. His whole thing should be physical vanity and a warrior’s persona, not “@#$% humans”. (Also odd is “mute” on the human’s cell camera is in English instead of Cybertronian.) And shouldn’t you at least call Optimus for advice considering the Decepticons are not following their protocol no matter how strictly you maintain yours?

Recommendation: It’s still interesting thus far so I still kind of recommend checking it out. It’s rare to see Furman stick to one storyline and there are some interesting takes here that are worth seeing. It’s a good story.

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