Yes, the Zero Hour aftermath is still going on, and that’s just the stuff still in my longbox. I have some in another drawer that I may or may not get to.

Mirage didn’t have time to finish her Kyle Rayner cosplay before Comic-Con.

The New Titans #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“The Changing Order”

WRITER: Marv Wolfman

PENCILER: Stephen J.B. Jones

INKERS: Hector Collazo, Harry Candelario, & Keith Campagne (I had to look elsewhere for the first names because they aren’t in the credits. I hate when they do that.)

COLORIST; Chris Matthys

LETTERER: John Costanza



EDITOR: Pat Garrahy

Sarge Steel is talking to someone in shadows (later revealed to be Nightwing) about the new incarnation of the Titans. He isn’t happy about it, but Nightwing assures him they’ll be fine. The new team, led by Arsenal and consisting of The Changeling (what Beast Boy was calling himself at the time), Terra II (I think she’s a clone of Terra or something but not evil), Mirage, Damage (a deal made after issue #7 of his comic), and Impulse, already have a big problem. And I don’t just mean Changeling trying to keep strange, violent impulses under control. A villain named Crimelord is launching a two-pronged attack, hoping to keep the Titans busy with chaos under the World Trade Center (involving guys in mech suits) while Slagg (because poor literacy is kewl) and his wife Coven send a rather violent message to the triad who messed with Crimelord’s plan. However, Changeling is there to stop them, followed by Terra and Mirage, while Arsenal, Impulse, and Damage deal with the chaos. Sarge Steel gives them a new HQ just as Crimelord’s forces attack and kill a senator, going on about demands. If that wasn’t enough, in the remains of Oa something is watching Kyle return to Earth after his #0 issue and follows.

What they got right: I don’t know much about Terra II but the others are cool and could make for an interesting team. Changeling dealing with Terra’s clone hitting on him after what the original did (after the famous storyline The Judas Contract, which is less redemptive than either animated adaptation, both in Teen Titans and the recent home video adaptation) also makes for an interesting concept to be explored, although I don’t know if they ever did. Crimelord and his forces make for good foes for the Titans.

What they got wrong: Why do we have the Crimelord storyline AND Kyle? I’m assuming Wolfman wanted to put Kyle on the team but Marz has plans to get him to Earth that goes against what Wolfman is doing currently, in light of Mirage partially assuming his form, but wait until this storyline is done and Marz gets him back to Earth in his own title before dealing with that. One story at a time, please. Also, the whole thing with Changeling acting all strange to the point that he scares himself with the demonic talk about killing and fear better be leading to something good and soon.

Recommendation: A good start. This incarnation might be worth checking out. Wolfman knows the Titans and how to reinvigorate a Titans team.

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