Guys, you’re supposed to blast BEFORE you create a giant stone sculpture.

I know, I missed a Sauron reference. I never got into Lord Of The Rings, okay?

Thundercats: Snarf Must Die Horribly And Painfully #4

or as it says on the cover:

Thundercats: Hammerhand’s Revenge #4

WildStorm (March, 2004)

No, I will not get over how Snarf is written because it was shoved into my face again. But I’ll get to that.

“Into The Fray”

WRITER: Fiona Avery

ARTIST: Carlos D’Anda

COLORISTS: Randy Mayor, Wendy Fouts-Broome, & Carrie Strachan

LETTERER: Jared K. Fletcher


EDITOR: Alex Sinclair

The Thundercats go one-on-one with the Berserkers while Snarf seems to keep getting hit by the aftermath. While the fight appears to be a stalemate, help comes in the form of Lion-O and the Griffins, the latter making quick work of them. They learn that this was all a stalling tactic. While Hachiman’s father’s fleet arrives with the ransom, Hammerhand decides to attack and kill them, and then kill Hachiman! Can the griffins get the Thundercats to their friend in time?

What they got right: Interesting that Altaira is fascinated with Cheetara, a fellow female psychic. We also see that the device used to blind the Thundertanks’s sensors is that thing from last issue’s cover, so now we know where that came from, as well as how the Berserkers survived the first encounter, when the Thundercats sank their ship.

What they got wrong: The Berserker timeline is a bit tricky in the show. If memory serves, Mumm-Ra once used Hammerhand’s ghost to restore one of his creations, and yet the Berserkers were just fine later on. It’s confusing. It also would have been nice to see one story without Mumm-Ra being involved in this run, but no matter what he’s become to this comic what Lex Luthor has to the Superman movies…you can’t get rid of him.

But those aren’t the complaints you’re expecting are you? You’re expecting another Snarf rant, although last week’s commentary should have covered that. Yeah, well guess what? I tried to ignore Snarf this issue, and I remind you that I actually like classic Snarf. However, not only does Avery seem determined to make absolute sure you know she hates the character by exaggerating his annoying traits to the point where you wonder why he’s in this story, now I know. Snarf abuse. This issue sees Snarf smacked around by Berserkers, hit with rocks, and forced to take part in a battle he doesn’t want to be anywhere near. Snarf could have stayed home since everyone complains about him being here, and yet they were the ones who brought him here. And this issue is why.

Avery wants to torture Snarf and torture US with him to the point where we’ll cheer her on doing so. Well you don’t know me, lady. You’re sabotaging your story by having Snarf abuse and complaining detract from another good fight sequence. You have no other reason to have Snarf here except to abuse him. Even if this was an original character this would be horrible writing, but you’re also writing a licensed story and ruining a character people like me actually enjoy on the show for the reasons I mentioned in last week’s commentary. So you’re ruining your own story just to torment a character you hate. I wouldn’t do this to Wolverine, and I hate that character to the point that I love watching Wolverine abuse, because that’s not good writing and I’m not that petty. Apparently Fiona Avery is.

Recommendation: It’s not that I like Snarf (although I do) that is making this harder to recommend. It’s because it’s a pretty good story even if it doesn’t hit my nostalgia buttons that creates an annoying character just to abuse him, with the “bonus” just happening to be that it’s a character I feel the opposite from the writer about in a better-written production. I guess it’s worth a look, but it’s also a lesson as to how not to adapt something or someone you don’t like to the detriment of an otherwise well-written piece.


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2 responses »

  1. Sean says:

    It’s too bad to hear that Snarf continued to get smacked around in this issue. It sounds like he really got beat on bad. There’s one way to rectify this: DC needs to create a Snarf mini-series of 5 to 6 issues. In other words, a comic that truly focuses on Snarf’s great attributes. I”m interested in such a concept. Maybe this will finally shut up the Snarf haters out there.


  2. Sean says:

    I felt like Fiona Avery went out of her way to make Snarf extremely annoying in Issue #4. Even I (a Snarf fan) was starting to get sick of Snarf’s rantings. But at least I recognize that this is the writer’s fault, not Snarf’s. Oh, I remembered something funny from Issue #2. Remember when Snarf was making those jokes about voting and chads? That was a direct reference to the chad controversy with the 2000 presidential election. Issue #2 would have been first out in late 2003, so that election controversy had only been three years before. I enjoyed that political joke in Issue #2. I wonder if other readers picked up on that humor? Oh, did you enter that Create A New Super Hero contest for DC which was advertised in this issue and Issue #5?


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