English: J. J. Abrams at the 2010 Comic Con in...

English: J. J. Abrams at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems like there’s a move to keep people in their homes, except for kids whom they’re more than happy to kick out, or at least restrict their movements by pushing things that keep you home. Here’s a new one: just stay home and watch a new release movie. J.J. Abrams is the latest director to advocate a new project called “Screening Room” where you can, for a fee similar to warehouse stores like BJs, rent new movies the same day they’re in theaters. No more going to theaters. Look, I understand some real jerks pop up at theaters and think they’re doing MST3K or talking on their phones (if they’re texting, why are you watching their text?) among other issues, but the theater is a good way to get out and find other fans of something, or just get out of the house and see something on the BIG screen. Then again, people watch a movie on their chocolate bar-sized screens and think it’s great, so maybe I’m just old.

ScreenCrush contributor Britt Hayes also tries to make the point that while Screening Room has it’s benefits so does going to the theater. What do you guys think? He also worries that the movie theater could go the way of the video store. Does anyone leave the house anymore?


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  1. Sean says:

    I suppose this is destined to happen. The question is just when. I am one who has contributed to lower profits at movie theaters. I actually went all the way from late 2013 until early 2017 before seeing a movie in a cinema again (and that was the recent Star Wars movie). The honest truth is that most Hollywood films of the past few years haven’t appealed to me. Certain films such as Star Wars or Planet of the Apes, I”m happy to see in the theaters. But most of the current comedies and dramas aren’t my cup of tea or they’re something I can get by watching on television on TNT or the USA Channel 2 years after they’re out. I pretty much reserve the theater for powerful science fiction or fantasy productions like Star Wars. And if the rumors are true (as shown in a screen shot of a comic book store catalog), when the Robotech movie appears in the theater, I will be there happily watching it….unless by that point, all of the cinemas have been put out of business by Screening Room.

    But in some locations, cinemas will hold on. When I drove down the entire Oregon Coast in August 2012, I was shocked to see video stores….not just one….but at least seven or eight as I passed through the spread out towns of that wild coast. The Oregon Coast is a lightly populated 380 miles. As a result, people out there still need video stores. In fact, my cell phone didn’t work in many locations out there. If the cinemas die out in the major metropolitan areas, you’ll probably still find a handful operating out there on that incredibly beautiful Oregon Coast!


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