Time in comics versus time in the real world are very inconsistent. The obvious reason is that Marvel and DC didn’t want to give up their characters, and so the world changed but the characters didn’t. Of course, DC also cheats with soft and hard reboots of their universe to the point that some people don’t want to get into it because the stories and ideas they like will be tossed aside in 5 years. Sooner if Geoff Johns is writing it and has a “better idea” than what’s been established. Last month.

In two old videos from NerdSync we get a look at how, in-story, these character manage to stay young while the universe follows along with our social, economic, and technological trends.

First, how do the Marvel heroes stay young? Stay a comic character and make friends with a young boy apparently. This episode of Comic Misconceptions explains.

I wonder how that works now that Franklin is off running around the multiverse with his parents trying to fix things? (Which is just Marvel getting mad that Fox keeps coming up with horrible Fantastic Four movies just to hold onto a license they don’t know how to use.) But what about the DC universe? Why don’t those people ever age? I’m betting the answer is the aforementioned constant reboots. In his follow-up show Tales From The Comments Scott has the answer since it was brought up in the comments of the first video (duh).

Called it! You can catch new NerdSync episodes (I think it’s all one show now) on Scott’s YouTube channel.


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