Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.


Not a lot happened last chapter. It was mostly our heroes preparing themselves for whatever is about to happen and trying to come up with a way to be on guard without freaking out their human friends. Are they prepared to deal with whatever dark scheme Hoylt has up his sleeve? It’s time to find out.

Chapter 14: The Parade

And when I read it the chapter was so short that I wanted to see where it was going, so I took in the next chapter as well, mostly because I wouldn’t have enough to say in the review of this chapter.

Chapter 15: The Encounter

And for those of you tracking the images, chapter fourteen is a hat with balloons on it while chapter fifteen is a door.

I had a feeling Hoylt was going to snag Susan to force Crede to call forth the Omega Capsule. And that’s all chapter 14 was. This would be all I had to say about it, so I went on the chapter 15 as well, the final battle between Crede and Hoylt. And the big spoiler is in the next paragraph if you’ve been following along without reading the book, but plan to read the book at some point. It’s Hoylt’s big reveal….

Okay, it’s not actually Vince McMahon. I just need the spoiler space to reveal…


When Paul was introduced I kind of wondered about that since he was also new in town, but over time it appeared to not be the case, as suspicion was pushed on Morris Green. And apparently that was Hoylt we saw appearing just after Crede, getting to the bakery before him and taking the job. (Hal must have arrived just after him and we didn’t get to see it. Zucker of course came days later.) I was curious as to when Paul took over the bakery considering how little time has passed in this story, so that did bring back some of the earlier suspicion, from when we knew almost nothing about the aliens beyond the fact that Hoylt was coming after Crede. It probably helped that Morris actually is from T. Dak6, although we don’t know right now if he predated Crede or afterwards. Give Hoylt credit; he suckered everybody, even Morris.

We also learn that the Mark may not necessarily be connected to the Mark, since Hoylt was able to summon it until Aura did something to lock it to himself and Crede. It’s also possible that he locked it to the Mark which both he (if he had a physical form) and Crede have. It’s a little confusing to me just how the whole Mark thing works in connection with the Capsule, really. The fight between Crede and Hoylt was pretty good, and Crede’s solution to being covered by the Releasing Chalice liquid showed fast thinking. What did we learn about that liquid: Hoylt seemed to be claiming his conquest plans came before drinking from the Chalice and that evil liquid boosted his powers but that the effect was wearing off. Does that mean the T. Dak6 people didn’t get rid of all evil before their ascension like they thought? Or was it simply not removed from the next generation simply because the current drained themselves? I think in answering the big questions there may be one or two minor questions here.

Finally I know I’ve commented on the punctuation typos in this book, but there is one glaring one that makes me wonder if there wasn’t some software issue between the time it left her computer and the time it went to be published. I know I’ve had my fair share of typos on this site (since I’m hurrying through this you may even find one in this very article with my luck, but I don’t have an editor), but tell me if you see the problem:

“Then how did you meet Green, ” Crede asked. His attempts on awakening Susan had ended in vain. He couldn’t break the wall; Hoylt had made, surrounding her mind. He would have to think of another way, while he kept his brother talking.

Maybe I’m an amateur, but there was always too many commas in the sentences for me, and at times the quotation marks are missing, but I can understand those. The placement of the semicolon in the third sentence, however, is just really in the wrong spot. I hate to keep harping on this but it’s a big deal when you’re writing a book, especially one for younger readers who will, unknowingly and unintended I grant you, be learning sentence structure while reading these books. But this typo is so misplaced it demanded review attention.

Storywise, however, it was a great chapter. The next two chapters are probably an epilogue to the events seen here, so I think I’ll review them together next week.

Next Time: “For The Love Of Green” and “Aura”

We have flowers and a crown respectively. Make of this what you will.


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