Chapter by Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.


Like the last two chapters, chapters 16 and 17 were close enough together that I read them both. I wonder if I’m also anxious to get to the next book, but more on that next week. I’ll just say this is going to be a bit different than my usual review. I know I grabbed a few followers after this book, and there are more normal books to come once this special installment completes, but it’s one that’s rather important to my comic-loving side, but one I don’t think most of the people who target it have read. I’ve got more sci-fi planned afterwards and the first return to normal books will be another tie-in. I’m just trying to decide which one. Back on topic:

We last left our hero unconscious on the floor of the bakery covered in evil juice and the counteracting powder. Our final two chapters are the aftermath of the fight between Crede and Hoylt. Will it be a happy one?

Chapter 16: For The Love Of Green


Chapter 17: Aura

We have flowers and a crown respectively for our images.

Luckily they aren’t funeral flowers. Crede wake up presumably at home but it doesn’t really say. Hal and Zucker are there along with a back to normal Susan and Morris Green. Apparently they wiped the town’s mind of Paul and put Joe back in charge of the bakery, thinking he had just been sick for a week instead of in a cellar for months. (Then again, being in a cellar for months might give you the flu.) Whether or not that comes back to haunt our heroes later I couldn’t tell you. Susan is also going to take care of Crede until he fully recovers, which makes Crede happy. She will also be cooking for him. He might have been better off with Hoylt. And the Omega Capsule disappeared after Zucker and Hal arrived and got everyone out. Susan conveniently remembers nothing while under Hoylt’s control.

So now Morris is on the team, at least as a potential recurring character, along with his obsession of the color green. Crede admits he prefers blue, which is also my favorite color. Hopefully someone who like yellow can act as mediator. 🙂 At any rate Crede has the key back as well as his medallion. They lost one friend but gained another. That works for me, although they now only have one Earth friend, Susan, that they have to hide their true nature from.

And that nature is called into question later that night when Crede finally figures out how to use the medallion to call his father in the final chapter. Hoylt’s human body may be destroyed by too much Releasing Liquid but it’s possible he know how to escape his body, perhaps even becoming what Aura calls a “Pure Demon” now. I thought the T. Dak6 folks (T. Dakians?) transformed into people but that makes it sound like they actually create a body and inhabit it, like a pair of clothes or something. Or maybe he can just separate from the damaged parts that formed his body? I’m not sure, but it’s sequel bait and there was a second book made. My mother didn’t pick that one up and sadly I don’t know if she even read this one before she passed away. She bought this book because her cousin wrote it, but I don’t know if she even knew there was a second book.

We do get a decent discussion on what it means to be a leader. Hoylt tried to use the evil in the Chalice to become more “well-rounded” in the hopes that the Mark would choose him, but Aura points out that by doing so he actually turned himself evil and did the opposite of what he intended. Of course he wanted to control Earth and any other visiting T. Dak6 people who came to Earth so I think he was already a bad person to begin with. Aura also noted that the Liquid didn’t really give Hoylt power but the impression of power, and that he needed it to fuel his new evil side.

However, Hoylt had a point about being well-rounded, as Aura points out, just that he went about it the wrong way. Emotions have to be experienced and a good leader knows how to deal with and control their emotions. Hoylt was instead controlled by the evil the Liquid gave him and it became a drug. And having now absorbed so much of it he may well be evil for keeps and our Phase Shifters may have to deal with him again. But for now it’s all over and Crede can sleep and properly recover with Susan taking care of him. But can he recover from her cooking?

I’ll give my full review of this book in this week’s Clutter Report over on that site (watch for the link in this week’s Jake & Leon posting if you’ve come here to see the book review) but here’s the short version: I like a lot of the concepts Broderick came up with for the book, from the aliens to the Omega Capsule, and for the most part they’re presented well. The characters’ physical descriptions should have followed the introduction of the character (or at least their human form) and the punctuation errors (and the occasional grammar mistake) could have been found with more proofreading time or an editor, but I was able to go around those and still get the gist of the story. I thought it was pretty good, and not just because the author is family. I might read this again sometime. Again. watch Sunday’s Clutter Report for the full review. Which means I’m going to have to squeeze in the comic organizing project updates in somehow.

Next week we take a reading break before getting into a special Chapter By Chapter review series. There’s a certain “boogeyman” of comics I want to examine while I can find an online version of this very old book before getting back to the usual fiction. If you came here for the reviews of the book I just finished there are a bunch of other books that have been reviewed for this series and you can find them in the pull-down menu in the sidebar under “What Interests Me”. Just click the “select category” pull-down and choose one of the options under Chapter By Chapter in the Book Spotlight list, so it should be just as you bring up the menu. But maybe you’ll find our next book interesting as well.


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