One of the reasons I would never want to be a celebrity is the paparazzi hunting me down and taking tons of pictures of me and anybody I was with, as if my whole life needed to be documented by them and shared with people who only like me because I’m famous. For some reason people thinks as soon as you become successful at a particular list of professions or just show up at the best parties they get to know every detail of your life, but how would they feel if it was happening to them?

In an article for Acculturated writer Bethany Mendel compares how one of Kim Kardashian’s kids responded to a paparazzi storm, the actions of Halley Berry to reign the paparazzi in, and the death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend (after she divorced Prince Charles) after the paparazzi chased them into an automobile accident. I understand why Diana was so popular but not the depths of that popularity that led to photographers chasing her car. Hey, did you know Diana’s last name was Spencer? Apparently nobody cares even today. She’s just Princess Diana or Lady Di even though she divorced the prince. And somehow they claimed her body. Forget royalty, I don’t understand people.


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  1. Sean says:

    Paparazzi will keep being aggressive. I say this because it sounds like that California law has had no impact on restraining them in that state. At least, it sounds like the papparzzi are now a little more restrained in the UK due to the Princess Di tragedy of 20 years ago.


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