Combine the Odd Couple and Dragon Ball and you…may not have a hit.

Dragon Ball Z #3

Viz Comics (1998)

originally published by Shueisha (1985), produced by Bird Studio

“An Unexpected Strength”

WRITER/ARTIST: Akira Toriyama


TRANSLATION: Lillian Olsen


EDITOR: Trish Ledoux

Piccolo and Goku arrive at Raditz’s location just as he learns Gohan has an awfully strong power level for a Saiyan. He also sees their power levels rise as they remove their…armor here but I like the anime dub’s version, “weighted clothing” for training, better as a term. However, Raditz is still able to take on both the fighters, even blasting off Piccolo’s arm…and warns that two more powerful than himself are coming! But Piccolo may have a new technique that may yet bring them victory.

What they got right: The fight scene between the characters is amazing. It’s not just my having seen the anime and the Team Four Star parody that fills in the gaps. The flow is well paced and the action intense as the regulars get their butts kicked.

What they got wrong: Like I said, I prefer weighted clothing to armor. It would make sense for Goku and Piccolo to wear weighted clothing, which apparently does exist, than to wear armor, which is usually meant for protection, not endurance training.

Recommendation: See a doctor before doing endurance training with weighted clothing. Oh, and give this comic a read, but you may want to track down the trade collection. While the comic fits the length of a regular US comic it was intended for the manga style, which is more like a graphic novel. Flipped or unflipped depends on whether you like to read left to right or right to left, like they do in Japan.


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