Animaniacs had a wide cast of characters. Show...

Animaniacs had a wide cast of characters. Shown here are the majority of the characters from the series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With so many other cartoon shows of the past getting reboots from Rainbow Brite to Ducktales, are you surprised to hear one more? Making their way out of the 1990s is a rebooted Animaniacs, or at least that’s what Steven Spielberg is planning. It’s not surprising. The original, airing first on Fox before moving to Kids WB (because it was owned by Warner Animation and Warner Brothers seemed to be moving all the popular shows to their channel at the first opportunity–see also Batman), is still a part of geek culture, still having cosplayer dressing at them, still having their jokes retold, and even being used as a teaching tool (specifically Wakko’s states and capitals song). Ducktales has the same cultural popularity but I wonder if they’re going to change the animation and story style like the Disney favorite? And will it be just the Warners (and possibly Pinky and The Brain, the other famous bits) or will Slappy and the hip hippos also come back?


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  1. Sean says:

    I never watched Animaniacs, but it’s good to see cartoons from the past returning. I have a whole list of toons from the 70s, 80s, and early 90s that I wish would come back.


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