International World Class Championship Wrestli...

International World Class Championship Wrestling logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The everything for meeeeeeeee crowd has invaded the world of professional wrestling. Not content with demanding all anime be dubbed with inconsistent use of Japanese terms and all the gore and nudity you don’t want an eight-year-old to watch, during Superman into a dark and brooding alien, or attacking any kid’s product they don’t feel manly enough to watch, there’s a vocal group who wants pro wrestling to be treated like a real sport in the hopes that people will stop looking down on them for liking wrestling. Defending things you like or not caring and enjoying it anyway is hard, people!

My fellow Reviewers Unknown compatriot Chris “Rowdy C” Moore has written a post about his problem with what he calls the “smarks” of the internet wrestling community, or IWC, not to be confused with an actual wrestling promotion abbreviation. (I do remember an ICW that later became IWCCW as a kid, but not an IWC.) I think I got out of pro wrestling at the right time. As I’ve noted before (bonus BW flashback link) fandoms ruin everything. Come to think of it, Rowdy inspired that one as well.


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