“Every Fourth Of July….”

Adventures Of Superman #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

Peer Pressure part 3: “…With Powers Beyond Those Of Mortal Men”

WRITER: Karl Kesel

PENCILER: Barry Kitson

INKER: Ray McCarthy

COLORIST: Glenn Whitmore

LETTERER: Albert DeGuzman



EDITOR: Mike Carlin

As Clark and Lois paint the apartment, they don’t know that Conduit is watching them and listening. Clark has been thinking about another visit with his old pal Kenny, and his reminiscing has Conduit remembering it as well. At the time Clark was a reporter in Paris alongside a famous reporter known for “helping” young reporters like Clark. And not just to stories. Clark runs into Kenny at a bar because Kenny, now a CIA agent, is there to discredit a terrorist group who has an arm in France. Kenny’s plan is to have them launch an attack and get easily found out, and he tries to get Clark killed as well. However, the future Superman manages to get the bomb away, although it costs him his reporter girlfriend because it means losing an important interview. In the present Conduit takes another shot at Clark but ends up fighting Superman, who learns that Conduit is Kenny before being blasted into the water.

What they got right: This was a different way to continue the Clark/Kenny story, by having it switch back and forth between their memories of those few days.

What they got wrong: Maybe someone who’s French can correct me, but would a French newspaper really give a news story about a failed bomb attempt in Paris the headline “Sacre-Boum!”? Or does “boum” mean something else in French? I never took French. It just sounds more like a lame American headline, and Simone took the story herself.

Recommendation: This continues to be a good story, using the Zero Hour Aftermath gimmick to further Clark’s story without really changing anything (although now I wonder if Zero Hour didn’t suddenly make Kenny appear or their relationship changed as it played games with time). Give it a look. The story arc concludes next week with the last of Superman titles next week, but there are a few more #0 Aftermaths to come. Don’t worry, we’ll be done with this eventually.


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