“Every time I go to the aquarium….”

The Phantom vol 6 #59

Charlton Publications (December, 1973)

This issue is going to be slightly different. THREE Phantom stories, some section about China, and one horror story. So still two stories that have nothing to do with the Phantom. But here’s something we were missing before: some of the stories have actual credits! How novel.

“Prisoner On Shark Island” by Joe Gill, art by Pat Boyette, which for some reason is credited on a different page.

A man has Diana kidnapped to force the Phantom to bring him the Bandar treasure and lead the Ghost Who Walks into a trap. However, the Phantom and Guran have a plan to stop them and in the end they’re killed by their own baited sharks. (The bad guys, not…you know.) A short story but a pretty good one. That’s one complaint I will make, that the stories are somehow shorter than the original comic strips’ storylines. Also, why is the Phantom using a biplane in this story when in a later story this issue he has a pretty cool modern fighter plane?

“The Despoilers”; written by Joe Gill, art by Pat Boyette (I think; it’s written kind of odd), edited by Geo Wildman

Wanting the oil and uranium they’re sure is under Bandari land a group of greedy investors send a man to force Guran to sell them the rights. However, when they wound the message drummer it alerts the Phantom that something is wrong, and he stops the bad guys’ plans. I think this story would have benefited by have a few extra pages because end feels too short. Otherwise a decent story.

“The Devil’s Sea”; only Pat Boyette has a credit.

The non-Phantom story…isn’t much of a story really. It’s just a comic about the Bermuda Triangle. It only seems to be here because the final story does involve the Bermuda Triangle. I’m not sure where the prose lesson on translating Chinese terms for railroad saying factors in.

“Caught In The Devil’s Cauldron”; no credits given

And not much of a story. Diana is on a ship heading to explore the Bermuda Triangle…for some reason. The Phantom is worried about her and has a nightmare that something is wrong. Fearing the worst he takes the fighter I mentioned to try to find her, then gets help from a man with a hydrafoil. He is able to rescue Diana and the professor heading the exploration just as a whirlpool drags it down. No bad guys, no reason for Kit to go out there besides a nightmare…it just feels like it could have been more interesting, especially for the story they chose for the cover.

Overall not a bad issue but not as good as the previous one I’ve reviewed. Check it out if you find it.


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  1. Sean says:

    I like the cover art. It embodies classic 70s comic book artistry.


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