For those of you who have seen the Wonder Woman movie and have become curious about the comics you may wonder (no pun intended) what her comics origin is. Well, that’s a problem. Since she was first introduced the DC Comics Universe has been rebooted twice plus the occasional tweaking. So there are differences. Last I heard they replaced the clay origin with making Diana the daughter of Zeus, the god who can’t keep it in his toga. Personally, I hate that origin because it makes her just a little less special than another of Zeus’ bastard children/demigod. I’m hoping that Rebirth does away with that since her current origin says she didn’t get any powers from being a demigod…which is kind of a ripoff.

From the webseries Comicstorian comes a synopsis of how Wonder Woman is currently depicted as coming from Themyscira (formerly known as Paradise Island and I wish they’d work both names in, like that’s what Themyscira translates to in Amazonian or something) to “man’s world”. It’s a short synopsis that focuses more on Wonder Woman, so that what Steve was going through in issue #1 of the Rebirth era of Wonder Woman (and there are so many #1s because DC is scared of high numbers these days so look for “Rebirth” like on the cover above) is kind of ignored. There is also a promo for some app-based DC game because Warner Brothers is sponsoring this one to get the word out about the movie. The rest is the typical format of the show if you ever want to get caught up on modern comics.

And you can see more Comicstorian on their YouTube channel. Oh, and I’ll add their link from the description in case you do want to check out the game for yourself.


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