I don’t have a problem with her giving up. I have a problem with her putting her friends in danger to supposedly stop them from protecting others.

I’m just going to copy/paste from the archive description to further comment:

This one’s been stirring in me for a while, if only because I see Tim reading her the riot act she deserves once he comes back and sees the lengths Steph went through to force her friends out of the superhero game. I know she was also being manipulated by a group doing the tired old “if it weren’t for the heroes we would be safe from their now totally unopposed villains” cliché or “if not of the hero stopping us we wouldn’t be doing the evil acts” lie cliché, but that just makes it worse. She should be smarter than that, no matter what grief she’s feeling believing Tim is dead. She attacks her friends, threaten to expose Batman, and I just wanted to smack her one, which isn’t the reaction I want to have! Between Roy Harper’s reaction to Lian’s death and Stephanie’s reaction to Tim’s faked death I don’t think DC knows how to handle grieving heroes.

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about, this episode of Comicstorian summarizes. It disappoints me.

In this week’s Clutter Report, I have some surprise new storage space! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. Also, I’m restructuring the “clutter for sale page” into sections of what I’m trying to get rid of. I’m not limiting it to that page of course. Only people who go to the site will see it. But it’s a first step.

This week’s comic reviews will include the last of the Zero Hour Aftermath Superman stories, but there are more Aftermath stories to tell since I found the rest of them recently. I suspect most of those will be going away since they were set aside originally a long time ago. We’ll also have the last of the Charlton Comics run of The Phantom I own, but not the last of the Phantom comics I have yet to review. (I’m pretty sure I did the entire Moonstone run but there are so many more to go over from other publishers. One of them is from the UK.) I’m also starting my Seduction Of The Innocent run and it’s pretty easy to find a transcription online that’s free to read or I’ve even see copies for sale, and maybe even the local library has it. I hope somebody is reading along with this one. I’ll also be doing a tribute to the late Adam West and another installment of the He-Man Newspaper Strips recently collected by Dark Horse, which is available digitally from Amazon if you don’t like physical media. I like physical media, but this book is impossible to put in my scanner, so I may be using photos to break the text wall. I don’t have the luxury of scans by others like last time.

Another week, another bunch of ramblings from me. Hope you enjoy the ride. It cost you nothing unless you get early access via Patreon. There may be a few bumps though. I’m in Connecticut and Connecticut is a series of hills.




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