Cover of the first Full Metal Panic! light nov...

Cover of the first Full Metal Panic! light novel written by Shoji Gatoh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happens when a paramilitary group is assigned to protect a teenage Japanese girl undercover? Apparently you send the worst possible teenage soldier you have at your disposal, someone so military that he wouldn’t fit in at West Point, to protect a tsundere who doesn’t know she’s a supergenius. That’s the comedy and action behind the Full Metal Panic franchise. Tonight I bring you the first in the series, simply titled Full Metal Panic. And since I’m running late tonight we’ll just jump right into the action. Fun fact: the production group for this show was named after the organization in the show, or possibly vice versa. Watch for some mild language and suggestions, plus some serious gunplay with a giant mecha suit. This one is not kid-friendly folks.



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