Don’t worry, they’re working on her movie next.

The Batgirl Adventures

DC Comics (February, 1998)

“Oy To The World”

WRITER: Paul Dini

ARTIST: Rick Burchett

(they aren’t credited that way, just their names–but that’s the roles they usually have so I’m guessing)

COLORIST: Rick Taylor

LETTERER: Albie DeGuzman

EDITORS: Darren Vincenzo & Scott Peterson

Set during The New Batman/Superman Adventures (you can tell by Batgirl’s outfit and Ivy’s paler complexion), Barbara’s Christmas shopping is interrupted by Harley Quinn trying to reach the Batsignal, but this time she’s calling for help. Kit Nozawa is forming a team of female villains and wants Poison Ivy on her team. However, recruiting her by throwing Harley out the window was kind of a dumb idea and she’s refusing. Kit’s hacker is trying to break into Ivy’s laptop but Harley convinces Batgirl to help by offering to be arrested right after. Batgirl manages to take out her goons and sees through one of Kit’s holographic illusions to take her down while Harley releases Ivy. Batgirl takes Harley in…only she’s actually out because Arkham gave her a clean bill of health. Ivy’s still at large though. It looks like Commissioner Gordon is wasting his time waiting for Barbara.

What they got right: Look, I rarely ship anyone, especially gay relationships between straight characters. And even I see the Harley/Ivy connection, which Dini hints the daylights out of. Also we learn Harley’s Jewish…although this is Harley so maybe talking about getting something on Hanukkah is just her being silly. The best part outside of seeing the female characters get some spotlight is the return of Kit Nozawa, one of the first villains we saw Batman fight on the original Batman: The Animated Series. (I think it was the first episode I saw.) She’s actually an interesting villain and I’m disappointed she never showed up again in any of the DCAU Bat-shows, so it was nice seeing her again, even if this is probably her last appearance anywhere.

[CORRECTION: Mattie Washburn just pointed out in the comments that Kit isn’t Red Claw, the character I was thinking of. My goof. Still, they should have used both characters more often.]

What they got wrong: You mean to tell me that will all the mayhem she caused, including causing a car accident that almost got a mother and son killed, nobody called it into the police?

Recommendation: This is a good Batgirl story whether you’re into the DCAU or not. Pick this up while you can. It’s not a Christmas special since there’s no actual reason for this to be set around that time, but it’s still a good story.


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  1. I’m wondering if perhaps you’re thinking of Dark Claw rather than Kit. She was never in BTAS, and as far as I can find I believe her only other appearance was Batman and Robin adventures Annual #1


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