This isn’t an easy announcement for me to make, but I kind of have to. Ever since this site started I’ve taken part in the Friday Night Fights. It was one of the reasons I wanted a blog, seeing all the people participate in the tournament created by Bahlactus (I can’t link to his site because it doesn’t exist anymore) and taken over by Spacebooger just as BW Media Spotlight began. It was a way to promote myself and to go over my collection. The prizes added to the Prize Fight was a nice bonus but it’s not why I joined and its stopping has no bearing on my decision. I wanted to take part in the event and get to read through my old collection.

But there have been some changes. I have Scanning My Collection and “Yesterday’s” Comic to go through the collection, while Friday Night Fights have taken on themes, some of which I’ve had trouble keeping up with. For example, the new tournament starting up is requesting all fights have the theme of summer. I have maybe four comics I can immediately recall that could fit the theme and I’ve used at least two of them already in previous fights. I’m no good with themes, because I don’t know my collect that well. It’s why I’m going through my old comics, some of which have only been read once since I got them while others have been read until the covers were a mess. It was fine for the Prize Fight but for a full tournament I don’t always know if I can commit. For example, the fight I’m showing tonight was prepared before I realized it didn’t match the “Karate Kick” theme and has been waiting in the draft folder for a time I could use it, but no theme has allowed for it.

Does that mean I’ll never take part again? No. If theme is one I can work with, or even if I come across a comic that would work for this tournament, I’ll gladly write some more entries. And I don’t want to ruin it for the other participants simply because I can’t handle the theme involved. So until that happens this is my last regular posting for…

Friday Night Fights clean logo

But since it doesn’t match the theme I can’t call it an official entry.

The Battlefield: Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight #63 (DC; August, 1994) “Climax”

The Promoters: Denny O’neil (writer), Barry Kitson (penciler), Scott Hanna (inker), Digital Chameleon (coloring), and Willie Schubert (letterer)

After a brief scuffle which included John-Paul Valley destroying the portrait of Thomas Wayne, the supposed to be temporary Batman retreats to the cave to figure out what he’s supposed to be doing with his life. Bruce follows.

Note the symbolism of John-Paul cutting the Bat Symbol. No joke, that's my critical perspective coming in.

Note the symbolism of John-Paul cutting the Bat Symbol. No joke, that’s my critical perspective coming in.

John-Paul later screams that he has to be Batman or he will be nobody, which he refuses to let happen.

FNF Karate Kick 03b

“He might order a ton of pizzas and charge them to me! He’s crazy!”

The former Azrael may be the better fighter, but despite screams to the contrary this is Bruce Wayne’s home and the true Batman knows more about this cave than anyone else.

FNF Karate Kick 03c

So the plan is to get Jean-Paul naked? I don’t think I like where this is headed. Although it does barely fit the “Summer” theme if you think about it. And stretch your definition.

Of course, Batman’s actual plan is to get Jean-Paul out of the Bat Armor.

"Blinded by the light!"

“Blinded by the light!”

Force to rip off his mask, Jean-Paul psychologically disconnects from his Batman persona. I don’t think that was Bruce’s intention but whatever works, right?

As I said, I will return to the Friday Night Fights as soon as my limited knowledge of my own collection allows me to. Until then, the link to’s RSS feed is still in the footer, and I’ll drop in a promotion when I can. I hate losing another bit of self-promotion when I’m already struggling to regain my readership numbers (I was up in the 200s at one point but now I’m struggling to get to 100) but I can’t give 100% to this tournament and I’ve struggled in past ones. Hopefully this isn’t my last Friday Night Fight! And speaking of promotions:

click to vote in this week’s tournament

Head to and vote for the qualifying entries for Friday Night Fights! Winners of these 12 rounds head to the Prize Fight (which I somehow won last time despite not winning any of the rounds so at least I’m going out on a high note), so feel free to join in. They need more competition. Fred posts the winner and the tournament rules at every Tuesday.


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