This is another one of those stretches, but I have a busy weekend ahead and need to get something out fast. Besides, we haven’t had enough appearances of The Phantom in Friday Night Fights so I have an opportunity to fix that.

Tonight we join the Ghost Who Walks and his dog…okay, Devil’s actually a wolf if you want to get nitpicky, are hunting drug dealers and a murderer, and they’re on a boat (no, we aren’t doing the song–PG site, remember) in the hot jungle. Good enough for government work.

“Dog Days” round 2

The Battlefield: The Phantom #2 (DC Comics; June, 1988) “Across The Great Divide“, from the miniseries

The Promoters: Peter David (writer), Joe Orlando (penciler), Dennis Janke (inker), Anthony Tollin (colorist), and Todd Klein (letterer)

There are a lot of things you don’t do with the Phantom. One of them is never underestimate him. Guess what this nitwit does.

“Tastes like chicken. Or is that coward? I get them confused”

Another thing you don’t do is attack someone bearing the “Good Mark”, given to those who for whatever reason are under the Phantom’s protection. Mess with them and he’ll come after you. Kill them and he will heap vengeance upon you. The Phantom does not kill but violate the Good Mark and you will pay.

“You, however, get the skull ring, the symbol of my foot up your…”

The Phantom threatens to sick Devil on the leader if he doesn’t fess up about his boss but one of his underlings has orders to shoot him and kill himself to protect his identity. I said the Phantom doesn’t kill; I didn’t say they wouldn’t die.

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