“When do I get a turn?”

Transformers: Escalation #3

IDW Publishing (January, 2007)

WRITER: Simon Furman


COLORIST: Zac Atkinson

LETTERER: Neil Uyetake

EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

Megatron uses his Facsimiles to cause trouble on the Russian/Brasnan border. Optimus calls in reinforcements but when they learn Megatron is making his move he takes Prowl, Jazz, and Wheeljack to stop him. Meanwhile, Ratchet, Verity, and Jimmy do a little investigating to track down the people who snagged Sunstreaker and Hunter, and Ironhide wants to help go after them.

What they got right: We have a new (and last I saw forgotten) method of teleportation, the “orbital bounce” rather than the “ground bridge” variation of the Space Bridge used nowadays in the TV “aligned” continuity. I kind of prefer the ground bridge but it shows an attempt to push on with technology in the mythos. The story is getting interesting again.

What they got wrong: I know Optimus opted not to go after Sunstreaker to stay focused on Megatron’s operation but he’s rather dismissive after a brief bit of thought. At least plan to search for Sunstreaker once reinforcements arrive. There is another threat to think about and it’s rare Optimus would leave a bot behind or let a human be harmed.

Recommendation: The story was losing me in the first two chapters but now things are getting interesting. This may end up being a miniseries to check out yet.

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