Word is coming out from the BBC that the next Doctor on Doctor Who will indeed be female. Look, I’m sure Jodie Whittaker is a great actress, but as I’ve written before, making the Doctor a woman because people aren’t happy with a strong female Companion just doesn’t feel right. There are female Time Lords already. Should Romana. the Time LADY who became President, have a male regeneration at some point? The Rani? (And why has nobody brought the Rani back? I’m not asking for the Monk or the War Doctor…although the Monk might be interesting.) Does gender mean anything to Gallifreyans? And I mean biologically. I was annoyed by the whole loom business in the Lungburrow novel I got to read online before the BBC took it off their official site. You CAN make aliens too alien, and I stand by my commentary from the last regeneration. It’s all social politics over good character creation, although I’m sure you’ll still call me a sexist. I’ve written about that too.

And no, I wouldn’t care if the Doctor was a different skin color. Heck, make Lenny Henry a canon Doctor! He’s one of the few characters you can get away with that. Also James Bond, but we all assumed he’s a Time Lord too. And I’m sure there are calls for a female James Bond actually being James Bond somehow instead of a lady spy in the Bond mold.


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  1. Sean says:

    This is quite interesting and historic in so many ways. I think we should give Jodie Whittaker a chance to see how she does as the Doctor. If the Doctor can switch from older male bodies to younger male bodies, then why not also into a younger female body? I’m sure there will be a detailed explanation in the script as to how this regeneration ended up being gender switching as well.

    Hey, Colin Baker seems happy with the change!

    That Lenny Henry spoof on Doctor Who was quite hilarious!


    • I wrote a whole article about that. It’s linked in this article. I’m not questioning her talent. I’m questioning just how alien they want to make the Doctor.


      • Sean says:

        Then I would say they want to make the Doctor very alien because humans can’t regenerate into different genders. Wait a minute…..although there is Bruce Jenner becoming Kaitlyn……so maybe the Doctor is just being like a human catching up on these modern times?????????


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