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Voltron #0

Image Comics/Devil’s Due (May, 2003)

“Revelations: A Prologue”

WRITER: Dan Jolley

PENCILER: Mark Brooks

INKER: Clayton Brown

COLORING: Danimation

(the artwork is credited to Dreamwave with Art Direction by Devil’s Due Studios

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend. A legend that Galaxy Garrison Colonel Hawkins believes in and wants to find in protection of the Galaxy Union. To that end he recruits a hotshot pilot named Lance (who ran afoul of a jerk Senator), a soldier named Sven (who was the victim of a mission gone wrong and is now in limbo), a space mechanic named Hunk, a brilliant cadet named Pidge, and a former soldier and commander named Keith to find it. On planet Arus, former princess Allura gets a message from her late father that men will be coming who will restore their planet’s legendary defender…the mighty robot Voltron!

What they got right: The original characters didn’t have a lot of backstory, similar to their Beast King GoLion counterparts. There is a lot of room for Jolley to play with, and I like the ideas he came up with. There’s a text part in the back introducing the characters for the first story because this is a preview for the series, and there’s some interesting lore we’ll be exploring as the series goes on. We also get an idea of what Voltron looked like before being split into the five lion ships and it makes more sense than a robot with different limb colors and lion heads for hands and feet.

What they got wrong: Why don’t Hunk and Pidge get to keep their regular names? Instead they’re nicknames. It makes sense for Hunk but if Pidge’s real name is Darrell Stoker, where does “Pidge” come from?

Recommendation: I’m hoping my memories are right about how good this series is. I like the adaptations here and look forward to what going to happen next. It’s worth a look.



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  1. Sean says:

    Trust me, your memories are right. It’s an awesome series. At this point, it had been 18 years since Voltron’s first appearance in comic books. This 2003 series and the 2004 comic books are high quality renditions of the famous Voltron.

    It’s too bad that there weren’t more Voltron comic books in the 1980s. After Modern (aka Charlton) went kaput, it would have been pretty cool if Marvel’s Star Comics had picked up Voltron. Seeing as Star was doing Thundercats, MOTU, and other animated action shows such as Visionaries, this could have happened in theory. I can only imagine what a Star Comics’ version of Voltron would have been like.


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