After many years associated with Archie Comics, Sega recently announced it was cutting ties with the publisher. We can speculate but I’m thinking the recent changes at Archie have something to do with it, mainly their tone and new focus. Plus they did toss out years of continuity after a legal battle with one of their former writers. Now ICv2 is reporting that Sega is bringing their mascot to IDW Publishing, presumably to create a brand new continuity. I wonder what their take will be? Archie started out as a fusion of the Saturday morning and weekday syndicated shows, SatAM’s ideas and characters with Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog‘s more comedic concept before going completely in their own direction for something more serious and occasionally dark but still a kids comic. Archie seems to have abandoned their younger audience which I think is a factor.

IDW doesn’t have a lot of kid-friendly titles, but there are a few. (Off the top of my head a tie-in with the current Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles cartoon as well as a tie-in to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.) What will they do with a completely original continuity that will hopefully be kid-friendly if not kid-targeted? Hopefully not Sonic Boom. I watched that cartoon once and it wasn’t all that good.


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